In a word, here’s how each member of your team at RI describes...

How about you? Take a few minutes to tell us about your 2020. The wizards at RI will magically create your own personalized 2020 retrospective poster.

Because who doesn’t want a souvenir of the weirdest year ever?

Your First Name


Pick one word that best describes your 2020:


Fur babies rule! Did you adopt an animal – or already have one of these in your home?

Hamster, gerbil, rat
No pets... do my couch cushions count?


What one Covid cliché did you say most often in 2020?


Toilet paper, and beyond: We were told to “stock up” – but who knew we’d all need so much TP? What one item did you bulk-buy the most?


We spent a lot of time outdoors... what did you do most in the open air?

Running, walking or hiking
Cocktail hour
Porch, yard or park visits with friends
Pot banging!
Playing with the kids


Our shopping habits changed... overnight! Canadians bought a lot less fashion and a lot more other things. What was your biggest purchase?


Comforts of home: Rank the top three ways you cocooned and had fun! Rank your choices 1, 2 and 3:

Binge-watching TV and movies
Baking and cooking up a storm
Doing puzzles, crafts and games
TikTok dancing with the kids
Singing or playing an instrument
Reading hot new bestsellers or old favourites


What's your favourite go-to style for business meetings by video conference?


Spinning the tunes: What one song is on repeat on your personal pandemic playlist?

Your Song Name:

You're done!

Work your magic, RI Wizards!

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